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In this page you will find pictures, book and CD recommendations, and some more stuff. Just browse at your leisure. (Last updated: A long time ago!)

My Latest Guitar

This is Brian May's legendary, home-made Red Special guitar .
And this is Javier's Burns Brian May Signature guitar .

Photo Gallery

My Niece

6 days old (Jan/00).
6 months old (Aug/00).
1 year old (Jan/01).
Yeah, she's a bit crazy, but cute and fun, ain't she?
A day at the pool with mom and dad.
Talking to the cat and the dog.
A day at the zoo with grandma, grandpa, and uncle Javi.
Not afraid of animals at all ... and that includes snakes!
On her Jun/07 visit to Barcelona with uncle Javi at IESE and at the beach.
With her uncle, just before lunch.
At her communion, with mom.
My Dog (Actually, my sister's, but he likes me)
He's big and like I said, he does like me.
"Give me back my bone, I said give it back!!!"
He's huge and may look scary but he's such a good dog ...
A Little Bit of Everything
Life is a Beach: A present from some of my students.
A dangerous pair ... Just don't mess with us.
An even more dangerous trio ... Better mess with the two above.
The organizers of the European meetings of the FMA (Barcelona, 2007) - and don't even ask about matching shirts ...
A Mediterranean sunrise as seen from my (previous) office, early and a bit later.
Getting ready to see the Buddha up close ... Long way to go!
The 25-year high-school reunion on Dec/07!

My Favorite ...

rock band and a link to their Web page.
guitarist (at the top of Buckingham Palace!) and a link to his Web page . (The guy has a PhD in Physics! Quite a brain too!)
president, a link to his Web page, and his resting place at the Ronald Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley.
economist and a link to his bio.
tennis player and a link to his bio.
soccer/football team and a link to their Web page.
basketball team and a link to their Web page.
movie, Windy City. (Few people seem to know about it but it is great.)

Some More Favorites
     All these are pretty much from the top of my head, so I may have forgotten some stuff I really like. (Last update: Early 2008)

Must-Read Books (Finance)
    (I know I'm omitting many great books, so consider this a 'short' list, in no particular order.)

Capital Ideas. A fantastic overview of the history of financial ideas.
Liar's Poker. A classic. Fun and witty, it makes you laugh and it makes you think.
My Life as a Quant. A great account of a journey from the labs to Wall Street to academia.
Unconventional Success. A must-read for individual investors from the legendary manager of Yale's endowment.
Stocks for the Long Run. Everything you always wanted to know about stocks v. bonds but were afraid to ask.
Fortune's Formula. An insightful, entertaining, and thought-provoking account of key ideas of portfolio management.
Beating the Street. The legendary Peter Lynch tells how he did it all.
A Random Walk Down Wall Street. A classic. A must read. If you haven't read this book, don't admit it publicly!
The Little Book of Common Sense Investing. The shortest book no individual investor should live without.
Fooled by Randomness. A must-read for those who believe they can explain (and predict!) market movements.
The (Mis)Behavior of Markets. Can everything we know about risk be wrong? This book will make you think about it.
Must-Read Books (Economics)
The Armchair Economist. This is plain and simply what economics is all about. The best book of its kind.
Freakonomics. Who said economics is not fun? It is! Read this book and see for yourself.
The Undercover Economist. Another great overview of the ability of simple economics to explain the real world.
Adam Smith Goes to Moscow. A great story illustrating the conflicts between sound economics and policy implementation.
The Choice. A beautiful, entertaining, and insightful fable highlighting the benefits of free trade and free markets.
Must-Read Books (Novels)
Atlas Shrugged. Very controversial, impossibly long, extremely incisive, and thought-provoking. A true classic.
Nothing by Chance. For those who believe in dreaming and going for it, not in destiny or luck.
The Complete Sherlock Holmes. The power of deduction at its best.
Ten Little Indians. I'm not big on Agatha Christie but this one is just terrific.
Must-Read Books (Mixed Stuff)
A Different Drummer. My favorite book of all those written on the Gipper.
The Culture of Fear. You'll never read the press or watch the news the same way after reading this book.
Essential Classic-Rock Albums
Studio Albums

Queen II. Probably Queen's best album. It highlights what rock in the '70s was all about.
A Night at the Opera. It contains Bohemian Rhapsody and that alone makes it a classic.
Bat Out of Hell. One of the greatest voices and one of the greatest composers, a terrific combination.
Led Zeppelin IV. It contains Stairway to Heaven and that alone makes it a classic.
Close to the Edge. It portrays what symphonic rock was all about (fans of 'easy listening' abstain).

Live Albums

Live at Wembley. From Queen's last hyper sold-out tour. A great legacy.
Two for the Show. Probably the best live album of symphonic rock.
Bruce Sprinsteen and the E Street Band - Live 1975-1985. The Boss and his band at his best.

More Recent Great Albums
Revelation. An unexpected nice surprise. Great album. And yes, Neal Schon plays better every day.

Some Other Cool Stuff

Republicans and Democrats. A little help to distinguish between them.
For all those traders that like Don McLean's American Pie, here's the Humble Pie!
Desiderata. A wonderful poem, something to live by regardless of your beliefs.
Visit my Alma Mater.