In this page you will find information about the courses I teach at IESE in for-degree programs (excluding executive education). I have taught several variations of these courses in different places, as well as other courses not listed here (detailed on my CV). The syllabus for each course corresponds to the last time I taught it.
Corporate Finance (First-year, required MBA course)

Advanced Applied Finance (ADFIN) (Second-year, elective MBA course)

Winning Investment Strategies (WININV) (Second-year, elective MBA course)

The Economic Way of Thinking (Second-year, elective MBA course)

ShadowCircle-Orange Corporate Finance (First-year, required Executive MBA course)

ShadowCircle-Orange Personal Finance (Second-year, elective Executive MBA course)

Corporate Finance (Required Global Executive MBA course)

Personal Finance (Required Global Executive MBA course)

Finance (First-year, elective Ph.D. seminar)