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   Pedro Nueno Iniesta



Personal Information



  First Name:     Pedro
  Business Address: 

IESE Business School


08034 Barcelona (SPAIN)

  Business Telephone: 34-93-253-42-00
  Business Fax:  34-93-253-43-43
  Date of Birth:    May 27, 1944
  Place of Birth: Barcelona
  Nationality:   Spanish



Higher Education


•   Technical Architect, Escuela Técnica de Aparejadores. Barcelona, 1966.

•   Industrial Engineer, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales. Barcelona, 1968

•   Doctor of Business Administration. Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University. Boston (USA), 1973



Teaching and Research Experience


•   IESE, University of Navarra


  25.11.68 - 1.1.73 Research Assistant in the Department of Production Management
  1.1.73 - 31.5.74 Instructor in the Department of Production Management
  31.5.74 - 30.10.75 Assistant Professor
  30.10.75 - 23.6.82 Associate Professor
  23.6.82 – present Full Professor
  21.12.87 - present Bertran Foundation Chair for Entrepreneurial Management



·         China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai

1994 – present           Professor

1.1.05 – present         Executive President


·         Guest Professor at IPADE, Mexico, 1975, 1976 and 1985 (Advanced Management Program)

·         Guest Professor at Harvard Business School, Boston (USA), during the 1979-80 academic year (2nd year, Masters Program), 1988, 1989, 1996, 1997, 1998

·         Guest Professor at IAE, Argentina, 1978-1992 

·         Guest Professor at University of Piura, Top Management Program, Peru, 1982

·         Guest Professor at Oxford University, 1983

·         Guest Professor at Nijenrode Business School (The Netherlands), 1985, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994

·         Guest Professor at University of Twente (The Netherlands), 1988

·         Guest Professor at IEDC (Slovenia), 1998, 2004, 2006

·         Guest Professor at AESE, Lisbon (Portugal), 2004, 2006

·         Guest Professor at Harvard University, Boston (USA), 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007


•   Main courses taught:

·         World Bank Group Executive Development Program (Harvard, INSEAD, Stanford, IESE) 1997, 1998

·         GPMD Program, Michigan University, 1994-2000

·         SMTC Program, Stanford University, 1996-2000

·         AMS Program, Harvard, 1996

·         Master of Business Administration Program (MBA) and Executive Master:

o        Production Management II (1st year, MBA, Spanish and English sections)

o        New Business Ventures (2nd year, Spanish and English sections)

o        Production Management III (2nd year, Spanish and English sections)

o        Management of Technology and Restructuring (2nd year, Spanish and English sections)

o        Procurement Management (2nd year, MBA, Spanish and English sections)


·         International Programs

o        Global Executive MBA

o        AMP

o        Global CEO Program for China, HBS-CEIBS-IESE

o        Senior Executive Program, Tsinghua-CEIBS-HBS


·         Executive Development (programs for experienced managers):

o        Production Management: Production Policy

o        Operations Management

o        Technology and Innovation Management

o        International Business

o        Industrial Policy

o        Turnaround

o        Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship

·         Company-specific Programs 

·         Participation in Continuous Education Seminars:

o        Foreign Direct Investment (Barcelona)

o        Investments in Southern France (Port Barcarés, France)

o        Investments in the Sunbelt (with Tulane University, New Orleans)

o        New Business Ventures (with the Sterling Institute, in Washington, D.C.)

o        Foreign Direct Investment (with Miami University, in Miami)

o        Harvard-IESE Seminar in Memory of Ralph M. Hower

o        Japan: Challenge of the 80s (with Keio University, Japan, in Barcelona)

o        Productivity

o        Japan: Just-in Time Management, 1988-1991.

o        China from the Inside, China, 1996-1999.

o        New Business Forum, 1991-2008.


·         Major annual industry-based conferences:

o        Automotive Industry, 1986-2007

o        Textile Industry, 1989-1992, 2002

o        Steel Industry, 1989 (Brussels), 1991 (Barcelona), 1993 (Milan), 1995 (Brussels)

o        Health Care Industry, 1994-2005

o        High Performance Chemicals, 1998

o        Fashion and Luxury Brands, 1998, 2000, 2001 (Milan), 2002-2007 (Barcelona), 2008 (Shanghai)

o        Biotechnology Industry: 2004

o        Communication and Advertising: 2005-2007

o        Pharmaceuticals: 2006


·         Special Seminars:

o    Training Methodology seminar, World Bank, Washington, 1981

o        Case Development workshop (with the European Foundation for Management Development), 1985

o        “La Iniciativa Emprendedora y la Empresa Familiar”, 2002

o        Champions Forum, 2003

o        Management Within Two Cultures, Real Colegio Complutense in collaboration with Harvard University, 2003-2007


Research Projects Financed by Various Institutions:


- The Professionalization of Small Business (Caja de Ahorros de Barcelona), 1978

- Labor Relations, Comisión Asesora para la Investigación Científica Técnica (Advisory Committee for Scientific and Technical Research) and a group of private companies, 1979

- Energy (group of private companies), 1979

- Paints/Common Market (Association of Paint Manufacturers), 1980

- Foreign Direct Investment (Advisory Committee for Scientific and Technical Research). Published 1981

- Leather Products Sector (Industry Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya and Grupo Industrial Colomer), 1982

- Innovation in Spain (CDTI), 1982

- Industrial Sectors and Business Reconversion (Department of Industry and Energy of the Generalitat de Catalunya), 1982-1983

- Osuna: The Challenge of the Future (SEISA). Published 1984

- Industrial Policy (Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona), 1984

- Management of Large Scale Projects (Spanish Association of Macro-Engineering), 1986

- Supporting Infrastructure for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation in Spain and Portugal (EEC), published 1987

- Utilization of the Results of Public Research and Development in Spain and Portugal (EEC), published 1989

- EUREKA-300. Within the EUREKA Framework, together with IFL (Sweden)            and IMD (Switzerland)

- White Paper on the Automotive Industry, FITSA (Ministry of Science and Technology), 2002

- New Scenarios for the Catalan Automotive Parts Industry, COPCA (Generalitat de Catalunya), 2003

- Analysis of the Competitiveness of the Spanish Automotive Components industry, FITSA (Ministry of Science and Technology), 2004

- “Hacia una apuesta de futuro para el sector farmacéutico en España”, with the support of Farmaindustria, 2006

- “Competitividad del automóvil en España en el contexto internacional: visión y camino hacia el futuro”, FITSA (Ministry of Science and Technology), 2006.

- “¿Cuándo hay que vender una empresa?”, Closa Merger & Acquisition Advisors and Gómez-Acebo & Pombo Abogados, 2006

- Bilingual Edition: La gestión en el sector de la automoción: Reflexiones y prácticas para el buen gobierno / Management in the automotive industry: Ideas and practices for good governance, FITSA (Ministry of Science and Technology), 2007


Selected Publications


Books and contributions


Doctoral Thesis: "A Comparative Study of the Capacity Decision Process in the Steel Industry: The U.S. and Europe" (Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University. Boston, 1973) 297 pages.


With Robert B. Stobaugh, et al.: "U.S. Multinational Enterprises and the U.S. Economy". The Multinational Corporation: Studies on U.S. Foreign Investment, Volume I.  (Superintendent of Documents. Washington, 1974) 37 pages.


With Robert B. Stobaugh, et al.: Nine Investments Abroad and their Impact at Home (Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University. Boston, 1974) 222 pages.


"Suggested Approach to the Problem of Adjustment of Technology in Developing Countries", contribution to the book Temas de Educación para los Negocios (Education Topics for Business) in memory of Professor Ralph M. Hower (EUNSA. Pamplona, 1975,) pages 223-245.


Contributor to the book Management Education in Europe: Towards a New Deal (European Foundation for Management Development, EFMD, and Deutsche Vereinigung zur Förderung der Weiterbildung von Führungskräften, Wuppertaler Kreis. Brussels, 1977) 137 pages.


With Nieves Martínez and José Sarlé: Las Inversiones Españolas en el Extranjero (Spanish Foreign Investments). (EUNSA. Collection The Firm and its Environment, IESE. Pamplona, 1981) 282 pages.


Contributor to the book Jornadas sobre Desfases Tecnológicos  (Discussion on Technological Gaps) (Patronat Català Pro Europa. Barcelona, 1982) 144 pages.


Review of book Europe + Latin America + the Multinationals, by Bernard A. Lietaer, published in the Journal of International Business Studies, 1984.


Contributor to the book New Patterns of Work by David Clutterbuck. Chapter: "Spinning off employees as independent subcontractors" (Grower Press. England, 1984).


Contributor to the book Desindustrialització a Catalunya: Causes i Propostes de Futur. Chapter: "El Futuro de las 'Industrias de Futuro' en Catalunya" (The Future of the 'Industries of the Future' in Catalonia). (Col·legi d'Economistes de Catalunya. Barcelona, April, 1985).


Author of the book Osuna, El Reto de su Futuro (Osuna, the Challenge of the Future), under the coordination of the Sociedad de Estudios e Iniciativas (SEISA. Barcelona, 1985).


Contributor to the Gran Enciclopedia del Mundo, Volume 26 with articles "Quality Circles" and "Spinning off employees as independent subcontractors". (Durvan, S.A. Publishers. Bilbao, 1985).


Member of the Editorial Committee and co-author of the Encyclopedia of Business Management (Editorial Orbis. Barcelona, 1985)


Contributor to the Encyclopedia of the Economy (Editorial Orbis. Barcelona, 1985).


Contributor to the book Technology in the Modern Corporation, Mel Horwitch, “The Status of Technology Strategy in Europe” (Pergamon Press, New York, 1986) pp. 145-166.


Author of Supporting Infrastructure for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation in Spain and Portugal, Commission of the European Communities  (EEC. Luxembourg, 1987), 119 pages.


Contributor to Regional Cultures, Managerial Behavior and Entrepreneurship. An International Perspective, chapter titled "Catalan Regional Business Culture, Entrepreneurship, and Management Behavior: An Exploratory Study" edited by Joseph W. Weiss (Quorum Books, Connecticut, 1988) 207 pages (pp. 61-77).


Utilization of the results of public research and development in Spain and Portugal. Commission of the European Communities  (EEC. Luxembourg, 1989) 132 pages.


With Gert Pregel and Rafael Suñol: Instrumentos Financieros al Servicio de la Empresa (Financial Instruments at the Service of the Corporation) (Ediciones Deusto. Bilbao, 1989. Updated 3rd edition, 1997) 190 pages.


Contributor to the book Proceedings of the First IFTM Conference July 17th-19th 1989, edited by M.A. Dorgham (Inderscience Enterprises Limited with the assistance and co-operation of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation - UNESCO, 1990).


Author of the book Reflotando la Empresa. Corporate turnaround (Ediciones Deusto. Bilbao, 1991) 191 pages. Translated to French: Assainir l’entreprise en difficulté (Les Editions d’Organisation, Paris, 1993), English: Corporate Turnaround (Kogan Page, London 1993) and Dutch: Herstructurering van de Onderneming  (Management Press b.v. Amsterdam, 1994).


Contributor to the book: Las 49 empresas con más futuro (The 49 most promising companies) (Ediciones Gestión 2000. Barcelona 1996) 251 pages.


Author of the book: Emprendiendo. El arte de crear empresas y sus artistas (Ediciones Deusto, 1993) 219 pages. Translated to English: Entrepreneuring. The Art of Business Creation and its Artists (IIF. Barcelona, 1996).


Contributor to the book Emprender con éxito (Successful Entrepreneurship) with the chapter “Consideraciones previas al lanzamiento de una nueva empresa” (Previous considerations to the launching of a new company) (Ediciones Gestión 2000, Tecno Impuls, 1996) 169 pages (pp. 9-35).


Training the Fire Brigade (EFMD, European Foundation for Management Development, Brussels, 1996).


Contributor to the book Technology and Services in the Information Society with the article “Why innovation is in fashion” (PMP, Bilbao, 1996) pp. 44-55. Proceedings of the X World Congress held on June 3-5 in Bilbao.


Proceedings of the seminar A New Procurement Paradigm edited by Prof. Pedro Nueno, 1996.


Proceedings of the seminar The Impact of New Technologies on the Restructuring Process of the Pan-European Steel Industry (edited by Prof. Pedro Nueno, 1996).


Contribution to the book Casesamling i strategi with the case “HolteProsjeckt Innkopspartner”, edited by Göran Roos (Fagbokforlaget, Bergen-Sandviken, Norway, 1996) pp. 139-160 (IESE, P-884-E).


Contributor to the book La gestión de empresas hoy (Management today) with the article “¿Enfocarse o diversificar?” (Ediciones Folio, Biblioteca IESE de Gestión de Empresas, Vol. 1, Ed. Folio, Barcelona, 1997) 90 pages.


Coauthor of The Light and the Shadow. Essence of European Innovation (Capstone, 1997). Translated to Spanish, La Luz y la Sombra and to Catalan, La Llum i l’Ombra (Ediciones Deusto, 1998) 225 pages.


Author of the book: Compitiendo en el Siglo XXI (Gestión 2000. Barcelona, 1998) 308 pages.


Contributor to the book La regeneración de la empresa  (The regeneration of companies) with “Mejorando la capacidad innovadora de la empresa” (Biblioteca IESE de Gestión de Empresas, Volumen 50, Ed. Folio, Barcelona, 1998).


Contributor to the book Lo que se aprende en los mejores MBA (What you can learn in the best MBAs) with the chapter “Emprender” (Gestión 2000, Barcelona, 1999) pp. 51-68.


Contributor to the book Consideraciones éticas sobre la iniciativa emprendedora y la empresa familiar (Ethical considerations regarding entrepreneurship and family business) with the chapter “Etica de la iniciativa emprendedora. Un caso práctico” (EUNSA, Pamplona, 1999) pp. 99-114.


Contribution to the book “Mastering enterprise” edited by Sue Birley and Daniel Muzyka with the chapter The Dragon Breathes Enterprising Fire (Financial Times, 2000) pp. 216-224.


Contributor to the Gran Enciclopedia del Mundo (World Encyclopedia), Volume 34, with the chapter “La Economía Globalizada” (Durvan, Bilbao, 2001) pp. 238-242.


Contributor to the book Reflexiones sobre la Sociedad de la Información with the chapter “La formación humana y las nuevas tecnológias” (SEDESI. Madrid, 2003) pp. 53-59.


Proceedings of the CCCB’s Economic Seminar “El futur econòmic de Catalunya: lideratge econòmic i poder polític,” published in Spanish and Catalan (Barcelona, CCCB, June, 2002).


Contributor to the book Creación de empresa: los mejores textos (Business Creation: the Best Texts), with the chapter “El espíritu emprendedor” (The entrepreneurial spirit). (Editorial Ariel, Barcelona, 2003) pp. 171-186.


Contributor to the book Creación de empresas. Entrepreneurship (Business Creation. Entrepreneurship), dedicated to professor José María Veciana Vergés, with the chapter “Emprendiendo dentro de la empresa” (Entrepreneurial activity within the company) (Barcelona: Manuals de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2003) pp. 191-198.


La Competitividad del Sector del Automóvil. Bases para un Libro (Competition in the Automotive Sector: Bases for a Book) (Madrid, Fundación Instituto Tecnológico para la Seguridad del Automóvil, FITSA. 2003) 383 pages.


Contributor to the book Un segle d’historia (1904-2004) with the chapter “Una perspectiva sobre les Caixes d’Estalvis” (Caixa de Pensions de Barcelona, 2004) pp. 77-80.


Automoción de Galicia. Visión 2010 (CEAGA: Cluster de Empresa de Automoción Galicia, CTAG: Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia y PSA Peugeot Citroen de Vigo. Vigo, 2005).


Author of the book Emprendiendo. Hacia el 2010 (translated to English,  Entrepreneuring. Towards 2010) (Barcelona, Ediciones Deusto, 2005) 252 pages.


Collaboration in the book Cien empresarios catalanes (One hundred catalan businessmen) with the chapter dedicated to “Pere Carbó (1921-2001)” (LID Editorial Emrpesarial. Madrid, 2006) pp. 625-628.


Collaboration in the book Las empresas con más futuro. Excelencia en la creación de valor, 2007 (CRF and LID Editorial Empresarial. Madrid, 2007) 477 pages.


Author of the book Cartas a un joven emprendedor (Letters to a young entrepreneur) (Barcelona, Crítica, 2007) 151 pages.



Articles in specialized publications


"Innovación Financiera: Venture Capital". CEAM no. 139. Barcelona, November- December, 1976, pp. 15-20.


"Influencia de la tecnología en la economía y los negocios. El Caso Español" (Influence of technology in the economy and in business. The Case of Spain). Alta Dirección no. 72. Barcelona, March-April 1977, pp. 197-207.


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Regularly publishes in the media and frequent manuscript reviewer in the management field (for Harvard Business School Press, Strategic Management Society and others).



IESE Research Documents

"Reasons for Foreign Investment in Manufacturing Facilities: U.S. versus non U.S. Multinational Companies". IESE. Research Paper no. 8. (Presented at the Assembly of the Academy of International Business, San Francisco, December 1984), 28 pages.


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Speeches and Conferences


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"Conservación de energía" (Energy Conservation). Coinciding with the presentation of the book  Ahorro de Energía en la Industria (Energy Conservation in Industry), sponsored by Catalana de Gas, November 25, 1982.


"Los desfases tecnológicos existentes entre países de diferente nivel de desarrollo" (Technological gaps between countries at different stages of development). Roundtable on Technology Gaps, organized by the Patronat Català Pro Europa, November 29, 1982.


"Innovative Curricula Development". Deans and Directors Meeting of the EFMD, held in Sophia Antipolis, France, January 12-14, 1983, published in IMD.


"International Coal Trade in perspective". Oxford Energy Seminar, University of Oxford, August 29 - September 9, 1983.


"El Concepto de Productividad y su Medida" (The Concept of Productivity and its Measurement). 18th Study Session of the Spanish Association of Personnel Management (AEDIPE). Pamplona, September 28, 1983. Published by AEDIPE, September, 1983.


"Gestión Empresarial de la Innovación Tecnológica" (Business Management of Technological Innovation). Lecture given at the LIBER'83 Seminar, the first seminar of Electronic Publishing and New Media, organized by the Federation of Spanish Publishing Corporations.  Madrid, October 5-7, 1983.


"La Innovación Tecnológica y la Formación Empresarial" (Technological Innovation and Business Training). Forum on Innovation and the Firm, organized by CEDE, APD and the Ministry of Industry. Madrid, October 10, 1983.


"Industry and Technology Policy in old industrialized regions". Presented at the Rencontre sur l'Avenir des Regions Industrialisées Européennes, organized by the Patronat Català Pro Europa. Brussels, January 22-24, 1984.


"Leadership under sociopolitical changes: Business enterprise in Spain", presented jointly with Prof. José Mª Anzizu in the Symposium on Leadership held in Harvard  Business School, March 4-9, 1984. Research Paper: 75th Anniversary Colloquium Series. Division of Research, Harvard Business School.


"El Futuro de las 'Industrias del Futuro' en Catalunya" (The Future of the 'Industries of the Future' in Catalonia), presented in the Jornades de Desindustrialització a Catalunya: Causes i Propostes de Futur, organized by the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya held in Barcelona, May 9 and 10, 1984.


"Tecnología y Espíritu emprendedor" (Technology and the Entrepreneurial Spirit). Lecture presented in the Roundtable on Industrial Policy in an Open Economy; the case of Catalonia, organized by the Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo, held in Barcelona, September 17-21, 1984.


"Industrial Cooperation and Technological Innovation". Paper presented in the Symposium 'Pour une Europe Libérale et Conquerante: celle des Hommes et des Enterprises'.  Palais de Congres, Paris, October 11-12, 1984.


"The Entrepreneur". Lecture presented in the International Seminar on Entrepreneurship, organized by the International Association of Economics and Business Studies Students (AIESEC). Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones, Barcelona, February 20-22, 1985, 22 pages.


"World Economic Development and its Impact on Markets of Emerging Nations". Paper presented in the Brunswick International Trade Conference, held in Jacksonville, Florida, April 23-25, 1985, 13 pages.


"The Status of Technology Strategy in Europe”. Paper presented in the TIMS/ORSA Meeting in conjunction with Jan Peter Oosterveld. Boston, April 30-May 1, 1985, 41 pages.


"The Differences and Similarities between Executive Development and Post-graduate Programs". Study presented at the EFMD European Case Development Workshop. Nijenrode (The Netherlands), June 21-26, 1985, 15 pages.


"Linked Technology Strategies". Strategic Management Society Meeting. Barcelona, October 2-5, 1985.


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"The Role of Macro-Engineering in the European Economic Scene". Research Paper presented at Macro-Engineering: The New Challenge Meeting, sponsored by the American Society for Macro-Engineering. Washington, D.C., March 13-14, 1986, 24 pages.


"Management Development in South America". International Conference: Management for the Future, sponsored by the Ashridge Management College. Ashridge (United Kingdom) March 23-26, 1986.


"Categories of Technology Alliances" paper presented with Jan Peter Oosterveld at the  Strategic Management Society Conference. Boston, October 14-17, 1987.


"Internacionalizar la empresa: pasado y futuro" (Internationalization of the corporation: Past and future). 26 Asamblea de la Agrupación de Miembros. Palma de Mallorca, November 13-14, 1987. Published in “Empresa: Objetivo Internacional", IESE, Barcelona.


"Impacto económico de los grandes proyectos tecnológicos" (Economic impact of large technological projects). III Congreso Nacional de Economía, La Coruña, December 7 - 9, 1989.


"Managing Major Projects in Europe". HBSA European Conference, Paris, February 15, 1990.


¿Se puede privatizar más en España? (Is it possible to further privatize in Spain?). Financial Times Conferences, Madrid, November 18-19, 1992.


“Strategic Factors in Maturing Markets”. EDMA Corporate Business Managers Meeting, Chateau du Lac, Belgium, September 2-3, 1993.


“Specialist Suppliers as a Source of Competence”. Strategic Management Conference on “Integrating Strategy: The Power of Synthesis”. Chicago, September 12-15, 1993.


“El declivi industrial català: possibles conseqüències, difícils solucions”. “Jornades sobre Catalunya cap a la l’economia europea del 2000” (Catalan industrial decline: possible consequences, hard solutions). Patronat Català Pro Europea y Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Navegación de Barcelona, February 17-18, 1994.


“Academic Centers of Excellence, and the Founding of a University of Science and Technology” with Prof. W. Vanhonacker, Prof. J. Borgonjon of CEMI and Prof. C.W. Woof of Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. International Business Leader’s Advisory Council for the Mayor of Shanghai, “Human Resources Development Task Force”, Shanghai, November 1-7, 1994.


“Steel Construction: the Value Chain”, 2nd World Conference on Steel Construction, San Sebastián, Spain. May 11-13, 1998.


“The Risks of Being Big”. FEICA 2000 World Adhesives Conference. Barcelona, September 20, 2000.


“La nueva economía en Catalunya”. Conference organized by Tribuna de Barcelona. Barcelona, October 16, 2002.


“Innovation: Knowledge Creation and Organization”. Annual Presidents’ Forum on Innovation in the era of the capital markets. Bled School of Management, IEDC. Slovenia, October 20, 2000.


Debate on “Temps de treball i la seva gestió a Europa” (Managing Europe’s business hours). Jornada de Negociación Colectiva 2001 organized by UGT de Catalunya. Barcelona, November 14, 2000.


Roundtable Discussion “Prospectiva: política versus economia” as part of the IV Edició de l’Escola d’Hivern “El projecte està garantit”, organized by the Institut de Formació de Convergència. El Montanyà, March 11, 2001.


“La gran oportunidad de hacer negocios en China” (The great Chinese business opportunity). VII Jornada de la Empresa. IESE. Madrid, April 25, 2001.


“How to become a successful entrepreneur… learn it, feel it, do it”. IESE Entrepreneurs Conference, IESE Entrepreneurs Club. Barcelona, May 10, 2001.


“Los negocios reales en la nueva tecnología” (Real Business with new technology). II Encuentro de empresas españolas y suecas. Barcelona, June 13, 2001.


Closing speech at the “Jornades Catalunya Demà”. Barcelona, June 22, 2001.


“Gestionando la Incertidumbre” (Managing Uncertainty). AINA, Instituto Tecnológico Agroalimentario de Valencia. Valencia, June 26, 2001.


“¿Cómo es el emprendedor/a de éxito? ¿Cómo enfoca su idea?”. El Día del Emprendedor, organized by Barcelona Activa. Barcelona, July 10, 2001.


“Abordando el mercado con iniciativa emprendedora”. BIMM 2002 (Barcelona International Marketing Meeting), organized by the Marketing Club; as Professional of the Year, Barcelona, February 7, 2002.


PIMEC-SEFES Conference “Por qué tantas PYMES se quedan PYMES? (Why so many SMEs remain SMEs). Barcelona, February 19, 2002.


Videoconference debate with Spanish Minister Anna Birulés during the Tendencias Época-Expert forum in the Salón Europa of IFEMA of the Feria Expo-Ocio de Madrid. Madrid, March 18, 2002.


“Emprendiendo” conference in l’Institut Agrícola Català de Sant Isidre. Barcelona, April 16, 2002.


“Cómo incrementar la dimensión internacional de la economía catalana”. Part of the “Una Barcelona para liderar el Futuro” conference series organized by La Vanguardia and the Committee of Nuevas Iniciativas del Círculo Ecuestre, . Barcelona, April 23, 2002.


“El dia de l’emprenedor: Porta les teves idees cap endavant”, conference and discussion “L’art d’innovar i renovar a l’empresa”, organized by Barcelona Activa. Barcelona, April 24, 2002.


“Cómo hacer más competitiva la empresa familiar” conference with the Asociación Catalana de la Empresa Familiar (ACEF) at Fomento del Trabajo Nacional. Barcelona, April 25, 2002.


“Claves de éxito de una empresa o de un emprendedor” conference during the closure of the “Quién puede ser empresario” offered by Cátedra de Cultura Empresarial de la Fundación Universidad de Empresa (ADEIT). Valencia, May 16, 2002.


“La Creatividad y la Empresa” conference during the Semana Internacional de Publicidad, DRAC 2002, organized by Gremi de Publicitat de Catalunya and La Vanguardia. Barcelona, November 14, 2002.


“Creixement i competitividad” (Growth and Competition) in the First Annual Conference of Small and Medium-Sized Business and Family Firms, organized by Forum 2001 and the Fundación Catalana de Cooperación. Lleida, February 6, 2003.


“Innovación y Competitividad” (Innovation and Competitiveness) during the Conference on Innovation, organized by the Fundación Agbar. Cornellá de Llobregat, April 7, 2003.


“La competitividad del sector” (Sector competitiveness) in the Conference “Cooperando hacia la Excelencia” (Cooperating for Excellence), organized by CEAGA (Cluster de Empresas de Automoción de Galicia), CTAG (Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia) and PSA Peugeot Citroen. Vigo, May 5-, 2003.


“Dues vies potents d’internacionalització per Catalunya: la 1G i la 2.5G” (Two potential paths towards internationalization for Catalonia: 1G and 2.5G) as part of “El món empresarial català i la seva internationalizatció” conference (The Catalan Business World and its Internationalization), organized by Catalunya 2003. Barcelona, September 26, 2003.


Els grans poders economics” (The Great Economic Powers), delivered during a series of conferences organized by Caixa Terrassa “Qui governa el món?” (Who Rules the World?). Terrassa, October 20, 2003.


Presentation “El Diálogo Oriente-Occidente hoy” (East-West Dialogue Today), delivered during the I Congress d’Inversió i Finançament a Catalunya del CIDEM (First Annual CIDEM Congress on Investment and Finance in Catalonia). Barcelona, October 23, 2003.


Comunicació, marques i responsabilitat social: la nova frontera de la gestió empresarial” (Communication, Brands and Social Responsibility: A new frontier for Business Management). Nit de la comuncació (Communication soirée) held by the Col·legi de Publicitaris i Relacions Públiques de Catalunya. Barcelona, November 3, 2003.


Gestió del Disseny, Innovació i Marketing, tres Factors Clau per a l’Èxit Empresarial” (Management of Design, Innovation and Marketing: Three Key Factors for Business Success), inaugural conference of the Innovadisseny Congress. Barcelona, November 5, 2003.


“The future of the car retailing ” presentation delivered during the Second Annual Mercedes Benz Congress. Barcelona, November 11-12, 2003.


Conference “Barcelona ¿plaza financiera?” (Barcelona: Financial Marketplace?), organized by the Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu and held in the Barcelona Stock Exchange. Barcelona, January 14, 2004.


“Situación económica del sector de industrias gráficas” conference organized by Gremio de Industria Gráficas de Catalunya. Barcelona, January 21, 2004.


“Perspectives econòmiques. Qué ens espera al 2004” (Economic Perspectives: What does 2004 Hold in Store?) together with the Minister of Economics and Finance. Part of the “Fem empresa fem territory” (Making Business, Gaining Ground) series. Coordinated by Prof. Pedro Nueno and organized by Caixa Tarragona. Tarragona, January 26, 2004.


“Innovación y Conocimiento” (Innovation and Knowledgement), as part of the IV Foro Internacional Pilot, annual meeting organized by the Instituto Aragonés de Fomento sobre Logística. Zaragoza, March 25, 2004.


“Emprendiendo” (Entrepreneuring) during the VII Ciclo de Conferencias de Publicidad de la UAB (Barcelona Autonomous University’s Advertising Conferences). Barcelona, April 14, 2004.


“La internacionalització de l’empresa familiar” (The internationalization of family companies) during the Jornada Catalana de l’Empresa Familiar / Foment del Treball. Barcelona, April 27, 2004.


“Cataluña en la Nueva Europa” (Catalonia in the new Europe) during the Asamblea Anual de la Cámara de Comercio Alemana para España. Barcelona, April 29, 2004.


“Energía y Management” (Energy and Management) during the Reunión Annual de Sedigas 2004 (Sedigas 2004 annual meeting): “Los retos del sector energético en la sociedad del siglo XXI” (The Challenges of the Energy Sector in 21st-Century society). Madrid, May 4, 2004.


The industry of industries in the decade of the challenges ” during the closing session of the Congreso Internacional de Automoción FISITA 2004. Barcelona, May 27, 2004.


Moderator at the Forum de las Culturas 2004 session “Oriente-Occidente” (East-West). Barcelona, July 2, 2004.


“The Challenges of Globalization in the 21st Century” during the 1st Forum on Globalization and Strategy. Madrid, July 8, 2004.


“Challenges and advantages after the entry of the Eastern European States to the European Union” during the International Lawyers Network Seminar. Barcelona, September 19, 2004.


“Creatividad e Innovación” (Creativity and Innovation) at Telepizza’s Board of Directors meeting. Palma de Mallorca, September 10, 2004.


“China y la economía del mundo” (China and the World Economy) at Rabobank International’s Advisory Council. Madrid, September 24, 2004.


“La gestión de la innovación en la empresa familiar (Managing Innovation in family enterprises) during the VII Congreso Nacional de la Empresa Familiar (7th National Congress of Family Enterprises). Oviedo, October 17-19, 2004.


“Global Business development and perspective from China” as part of the Young Presidents Organization’s CEO Program (Seniors). Barcelona, October 19, 2004.


“Inversions a l’Àsia” (Investment in Asia) during the 3ª Jornades de Desenvolupament Econòmic I Empresarial de les Terres de l’Ebre, organized by the Ajuntament de La Sènia, October 20, 2004.


El finançament de les infraestructures necessàries per a Catalunya”  (Financing Catalonia’s necessary infrastructures) speech during the Jornada dels Economistes 2004, organized by the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya. Barcelona, November 11, 2004.


“Oportunitats de l’empresa en l’entorn global” (Business opportunities in the international scene) conference during the II Congrés d’Enginyeria en Llengua Catalana. Andorra, November 19-21, 2004.


“Coyuntura empresarial i sectorial a Catalunya” (Corporate and sector-specific situation in Catalonia) during the Jornada Precongressual de la UGT de Catalunya. Barcelona, January 26, 2005.


“Retos del directivo del siglo XXI” (Challenges facing 21st Century business executives) during the Dia de la Cambra d’Osona. La nit de l’empresari. Vic, May 31, 2005.


“Gestión de la innovación en la empresa familiar” (Managing innovation in family-run businesses). Inauguration of the Universidad de Salamanca’s summer program organized by the Instituto de la Empresa Familiar. Salamanca, July 12, 2005.


“Gestionar a empresarios” (Managing Entrepreneurs) during the 1ª Jornada de Estrategia Avanzada para Alta Dirección, ANCECO sobre Gestionar los retos de la cooperación en las CCS. Madrid, July 14, 2005.


“Impacto de China en la economía mundial 2006” (The impact of China on the global economy 2006) as part of the “China 2006: perspectivas económicas y empresariales” event, organized by InterChina. Madrid, November 15, 2005.


Participant on the “Sustainable Growth” panel with Al Gore, James Cameron and Mark Gonder during the Entrepreneurs for Growth Summit 2005. Barcelona, November 19, 2005.


“El desafío de los fabricantes chinos. Los fabricantes chinos se lanzan a la conquista del mercado europeo” (The Challenge of Chinese manufacturing. Chinese manufacturers move into the European market) During the XV Congreso de FACONAUTO. Madrid, November 22, 2005.


“El perfil del empresario” (The entrepreneur’s profile) during the Asamblea ordinaria de ANCECO. Madrid, November 24, 2005.


“Competint i Cooperant?” (Competing and Cooperating?), speech at the closing ceremony of Congrés EURAM Cooperar per Competir. Barcelona, December 16, 2005.


“Las economías emergentes: produciendo” (Developing economies: producing) during the Convención Annual de Banca Privada de La Caixa. Barcelona, February 7, 2006.


“Xina: impactes i oportunitats” (China, impact and opportunities) during the Jornada organized by Santcugatribuna and the Ayuntamiento de Sant Cugat del Vallès. Barcelona, February 24, 2006.


“La innovación, clave estratégica de la competitividad” (Innovation, strategic key of competitiveness) during the XIV Foro Innovación, factor clave de la competitividad, organized by Club Gestión 3/i. Madrid, March 1, 2006.


“Peter Drucker y las Business Schools” (Peter Drucker and Business Schools) during the Homage to Dr. Peter Ferdinand Drucker, organized by the Escola Tècnica Supèrior d’Enginyeria Industrial de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Barcelona, March 22, 2006.


“Racionalidad de las decisiones de deslocalización a China” (Rationality of the decisions to delocalize to China) during the Encuentro IIR China Point. Madrid, March 28, 2006.


“Creatividad empresarial en el mundo del vino” (Business creativity in the wine business) during de V Foro Mundial del Vino. Logroño, March 29, 2006.


Idees de negoci que emergeixen avui” (Today’s new Business Ideas) during the Dia de l’emprenedor. Organized by Barcelona Activa. Barcelona, May 30, 2006.


“Emprendiendo hacia el 2010” (Entrepreneuring Towards 2010) and “¿Dónde en el mundo poner esta planta” (Where on Earth should we put that factory?) during the 3er Congreso de la Industria Española de Plásticos, organized by ANAIP. Zaragoza, June 16, 2006.


“Los emprendedores globales: Este y Oeste” (Global entrepreneurs: East and West) and “¿Dónde en el mundo poner esta planta” (Where on Earth should we put that factory?) during the XIII Programa de Continuidad Instituto Internacional Bravo Murillo. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, June 26, 2006.


“Noves tendències per la Internacionalització” (New Internationalization Trends). Jornada Diàlegs per la Internacionalització organizada by the Fundació Josep Irla. Barcelona, September 29, 2006.


“La construcción vista a distancia” (Construction seen from a distance). Inaugural session of the Colegio de Aparejadores y Arquitectos Técnicos de Barcelona 2006-2007 academic year. Barcelona, October 10, 2006.


“Los nuevos retos del Sector: cómo gestionar los cambios en el modelo de negocio para sobrevivir y no morir en el intento” (The new challenges in the industry: how to manage change in the business model to survive and not die trying). XVI Congreso Nacional de Distribución de Automoción organized by FACONAUTO. Madrid, October 24, 2006.


“El reto de la innovación rentable” (The challenge of profitable innovation). V E-Business Global Conference 2006 organized by the Industry Department of the Basque Government. Bilbao, November 8, 2006.


“Spanish entrepreneurs”. Credit Suisse Spanish Private Banking Conference. Barcelona, November 10, 2006.


“China: lecciones de estrategia” (China: strategy lessons). HSM, ExpoManagement 2007. Madrid, May 23, 2007.


“Formación e internacionalización de empresas” (Establishing and internationalizing corporations). IV Foto HOTUSA. Barcelona, October 18, 2007.


“El sector de la automoción en busca de un nuevo paradigma. Innovar y gestionar mejor para revalorizar una industria en crisis” (The automotive industry in search of a new paradigm. Innovating and enhancing management to boost an industry in crisis). XVII Congreso Nacional de Distribución de Automoción organized by FACONAUTO. Madrid, November 7, 2007.



IESE Teaching Material (last 10 years)




      Date of  Publication No. of pages
  E-18   Germans Boada, S.A. April, 1998 16
  E-19   Pro-Mahe (B) May, 1998 1
  E-20   Roser Construcciones Metálicas, S.A. May, 1998 17
  E-21   Grifería Tres September, 1998 18
  E-22   ITSaCompany November, 1998 25
  E-23   Time Communication Services AG-TeleChoice (A)
October, 1999 16
  E-24 Time Communication Services AG- TeleChoice (B) October, 1999 3
  E-25   Time Communication Services AG- TeleChoice (C) October, 1999 3
  E-26   Centro Médico Virtual November, 1999 29
  E-27   Tesco online: ¿La mejor receta para la distribución electrónica de alimentación? (A)
July, 2000 19
  E-28   Tesco online: ¿La mejor receta para la distribución electrónica de alimentación? (B) July, 2000 8
  E-29 Logisfashion February, 2001 12
  E-33 Royal Philips Electronics 2001 June, 2001 25
  E-38 Finaves SRC July, 2001 7
  E-39 MatCertificate July, 2001 34
  E-40 Loop Telecom July, 2001 12
  E-41 Kubi Wireless July, 2001 41
  E-42 Alimeco September, 2001 27
  E-43 Aquatic Adriatic September, 2001 22
  E-44 Ecofood September, 2001 33
  E-45 Rural World September, 2001 24
  E-46 Travelmate September, 2001 34
  E-47 ViaPostal October, 2001 22
  E-48 El Servicio Teleinter October, 2001 12
  E-49 Sintax Logistica, S.A. October, 2001 21
  E-50 ViaPostal (B) January, 2002 2
  E-51 Envases de Plástico, S.A. January, 2002 18
  E-52 Andreas Buergin February, 2002 8
  E-53 YAM teaCafe October, 2002 50
  E-54 Revitalizing Philips (A) October, 2002 38
  E-55 Revitalizing Philips (B) December, 2002 4
  E-56 Nicolas Correa-Hyperbaric January, 2003 18
  E-58 DVM Capital AG June, 2003 6
  E-59 Vivace Logistica, S.A. July, 2003 14
  E-60 Käthe Kruse September, 2003 31
  E-61 Fiat Auto 2003 September, 2003 31
  E-71 Soluziona: The success of entrepreneurial initiative September, 2004 28
  E-74 Mormedi December, 2004 23
  E-75 December, 2004 18
  E-76 Cárnicas del Veneto (A) January, 2005 3
  E-77 Cárnicas del Veneto (B) January, 2005 2
  E-78 Cárnicas del Veneto (C) January, 2005 2
  E-79 Cárnicas del Veneto (D) January, 2005 1
  E-80 Genetrix January, 2005 26
  E-84 Metalplast April, 2005 6
  E-85 Muebles Tallada June, 2005 7
  E-86 Experiencia Jurídica September, 2005 16
  E-87 Kubi Wireless (B) September, 2005 16
  E-90 Windward Investment Management Inc. November, 2005 28
  E-92 Aqueduct Medical November, 2005 21
  E-95 Vivace Logistica, S.A. (II). Preparing orders a la carte
December, 2005 17
  E-103 Logisfashion, S.A. International expansion November, 2006 16
  E-104 Ferrovial’s Takeover of BAA: Flying high January, 2007 35
  E-107 Geely’s International strategy: power in the wind
March, 2007 31
  E-108 The Wines of Herederos del Marqués de Riscal. The Ciudad del Vino July, 2007 30
  EN-9 El buen gobierno de la empresa familiar November, 2005 29
  P-939 Electrodomésticos Solac, S.A. April, 1998 14
  P-941 Shanghai Bell: Opportunities and Threats in China
April, 1998 15
  P-943 Fagor Electrodomésticos May, 1998 17
  P-945 Segur Lock May, 1998 21
  P-947 Famosa 1987-1997 May, 1998 23
  P-949 Compañía Roca Radiadores, S.A. September, 1998 13
  P-950 AUSA September, 1998 12
  P-964 Museo Guggenheim (A) March, 1999 11
  P-965 Museo Guggenheim (B) March, 1999 17
  P-966 Museo Guggenheim (C) March, 1999 13
  P-969 Philips Electrocnics in China September, 1999 23
  P-971 CEIBS Campus (A) October, 1999 27
  P-972 CEIBS Campus (B) October, 1999 12
  P-973 CEIBS Campus (C) October, 1999 8
  P-997 General Optica Internacional September, 2000 18
  ASE-382 Seat en 1994 February, 1998 26
  TD-130 Islands Holds, S.A. September, 1998 8




Professional Experience


Administrative positions held at IESE

1973-1982             Head of Production, Technology & Operations Management Dept.

1986-1988             Head of Production, Technology & Operations Management Dept.

1977-1983             Associate Dean

1977-1986             Member of the Board

1977-1988     Director of Research Division

1983-1992             Director of External Relations

2001-2004             Head of the Entrepreneurship Department

1998-2005             Director of International Executive Education


In other institutions

-          Consultant to the OECD, 1975, 1976.

-          Consultant to the World Bank, 1977-1981.

-          Consultant to the EEC, 1986.

-          Member of the Advisory Board of the BCD Foundation, 1984.

-          Member of the Advisory Board of Patronat Català Pro Europa, 1984-1998.

-          Member of the Board of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) 1985-1991; Vice-President, 1988-1991.

-          Member of the Energy Advisory Committee of the Industry and Energy Department of the Generalitat of Catalunya, 1981-1986.

-          Member of the Interdepartmental Aid Commission for the Industrial Reconstruction of Catalonia (CARIC), of the Industry and Energy Department of the Generalitat of Catalunya, 1981-1983.

-          Member of the Advisory Board of the Harvard-IESE Committee, 1977-1998.

-          Member of the Advisory Board of the IPADE-Harvard-IESE Committee, 1980-1998.

-          Member of the Industry and Technology Commission of the Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona, 1980-1986.

-          Member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS), 1978-1982.

-          Member of the Advisory Board of the Institut Català de Noves Professions, 1988-1991.

-          Member of the Advisory Board of the IAE-Harvard-IESE Committee, 1986-2000.

-          Member of the Visiting Committee of the Harvard Business School by the Office of Governing Boards of Harvard University, May 2005 to present.

-          Member of the Social Board of Farmaindustria, December 2006 to present.

-          Member of the International Advisory Board to the Government of Catalonia, 2007 to present.


In companies

-          Assistant Technical Manager, Ferrocarrils Catalan (Catalan Railway Company), 1966-68

-          Consultant to various companies

-          Founder and President of FINAVES, capital risk company linked to entrepreneurial activities by IESE alumni.

-          Board member in several companies.



Business and Academic Appointments

-          Member of the Academy of International business, 1973 to present.

-          Member of the Academy of Management, 1974 to present.

-          Member of the European International Business Association, 1976 to present.

-          Member of the International Society of Macro-Engineering Societies, 1983 to present; Vice-President, 1988-1992; President, 1992-1996.

-          Member of the International Academy of Management, 1985 to present; Vice Chancellor, 1991-1993; Chancellor, 1993-2000; Vice-Chancellor, 2000 to present.

-          Member of the American Society for Macro-Engineering, 1985 to present

-          Member of the Spanish Macro-Engineering Association, 1985-1996; Vice-President, 1988-1996.

-          Member of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Academic Council, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), Shanghai, 1994-2005; Executive President, 2005 to present.

-          Member of the Institut Català de Finances (Catalan Institute of Finance), 2004 to present.

-          Judge for the Wall Street Journal’s Innovation Awards, 2006-2007.



-          Professor of the Year, 2001. Marketing Club of Barcelona.

-          Officer’s Cross of the Order of Civil Merit, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2003.

-          Cross of Sant Jordi, Generalitat de Catalunya, 2003.

-          Magnolia Award, Government of Shanghai, 2004

-          Prize for the best journalistic work in economics by PIMEC, 2006.

-          Golden Magnolia Award, Government of Shanghai, 2007


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